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    5 Problems That Pool Owners Ignore

    When you have an investment as large as a pool, it is important that you are taking proper care of it to ensure your investment is sound and holding its value. There are a few common problems that pool owners tend to brush under the rug, but ignoring these pool problems could lead to severe damages and immense expenses in the future.

    In the long run, if you are regularly maintaining your pool you will avoid even higher expenses and repair bills. Don’t let pool issues sit, but rather take care of them as soon as they arise. Here are some common pool problems that you shouldn’t ignore…

    1. Leaks in the pool
      If your pool has leaks in the structure, or you notice your pool is experiencing decent to heavy amounts of water loss, this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If you believe your pool may have leaks, you should test it to make sure and address the problem from there. Long-term leaks that are left alone lead to immensely expensive repair bills.
    2. Stains in the pool
      If you notice that your pool has stains in the bottom, this is often a sign of a more serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Different colors, types, and sizes of stains can mean different things, and they should never be ignored. Stains often lead back to a failure in your pool system. While green, algae type stains and formations often mean chorine inefficiencies, they can also mean you need to repair or replace your pool’s interior surface. Blue, yellow, brown, and orange stains and discoloration can be a result of metals in the water. Each and every stain should be addressed as soon as it is noticed to avoid more expensive repairs down the line.
    3. Loud pump bearings
      Your pool’s pump is what gives it life. If there is an issue with the main source of life in your pool’s filtration processing, it needs to be addressed immediately as it will lead to a multitude of other expensive problems. If you hear your pool’s pump making odd noises or not functioning properly you need to have it repaired or replaced immediately.
    4. Holes in the pool liner
      Your vinyl pool liner acts as a waterproof barrier for the interior surface of your vinyl pool. If there is a hole the pool liner this is a big problem as it is a sign of a breakdown in the entire system. If you are able to address every hole and properly repair them with vinyl liner patches, then you should be fine. However, finding all the holes can sometimes be challenging. If the liner is old and developing holes for no apparent reason then it may be time to replace it.
    5. The pump is difficult to prime
      If you are noticing that your pool pump is more difficult to prime that it used to be that this is the sign of a problem. This often means that there is either a leak somewhere in the suction system of your pool, or that the pump is failing. If you notice difficulty priming your pump, you should immediately consult with a repairman. 

    Taking care of your pool is extremely important not only for your investment but to save yourself vast expenses and time down the line. If you are interceded in upgrading your pool or installing one, you may be looking for a trusted swimming pool builder in Southlake. Here at Mid City Custom Pools, our experienced and caring team can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.