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    Benefits of Owning a Spa

    Spas Provide You with Many Health Benefits

    There are many backyard amenities that homeowners all across the country consider adding to their outside space. From pools to fire features, they all have their unique benefits. Homeowners will also pair many of these together. One amenity that compliments any outside feature well is an outdoor spa.

    With summer coming to a close, a spa offers you plenty of opportunities to enjoy being outside while staying warm. Commonly referred to as hot tubs or jacuzzies, they are often used by many as a form of relaxation. They give owners a chance to invite friends over and spend more time with their family.

    Spas also have many health benefits that not everyone is aware of. Many people know that spas make them feel good, but they don’t always know how. Regular sessions in your spa can be a great way to ease your pain, help with sleep, reduce tension, and much more. The benefits of owning a spa are many.

    Provides Relief from Medical Conditions

    Spas provide owners with their own way of at-home hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy consists of using water of varying temperatures for health purposes. Spas utilize warm water. There are a few health conditions that can be improved with the use of a hot tub. However, it is important to remember that spas are not a replacement for medical treatments. You should still see a medical professional for your condition. Spas merely compliment other prescribed treatments.

    • Arthritis: Arthritis is characterized by the inflammation of the joints, causing pain and swelling. Those with arthritis often experience a loss in their range of motion. Fortunately, significant sessions in a hot tub can help ease their symptoms. A controlled study saw that those who underwent spa therapy reported a significant reduction in their pain as opposed to those who underwent drug therapy. The Arthritis Foundation suggests soaking in warm water is a great way to treat arthritis symptoms. The heat of the water soothes the joints while the water’s buoyancy decreases gravity’s effect, which caused swelling and inflammation.
    • Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia is a condition in which the individual experiences chronic pain and fatigue throughout their body. Because of the pain, many victims suffer from inadequate sleep and mood swings. Their quality of life is drastically reduced. However, there has been proof that shows the benefits hydrotherapy has on those who suffer from fibromyalgia.

    Relieves Lower Back Pain

    Lower back pain is an extremely common condition that plagues millions of Americans across the country. The majority of adults will experience lower back pain at least once in their life. The quality of life of those who deal with this pain also suffers. Performing everyday tasks like working, driving, and doing chores becomes difficult. Much like with arthritis, spa’s warm water eases the tension in the muscles in your back and counteracts the impact gravity has on your spine.

    It is important to remember that while spas do help with lower back pain, they are not suitable treatment options. They work best in conjunction with other treatments from a healthcare professional.

    Improves Cardiovascular Health

    Spas not only help with arthritis and fibromyalgia, but they can also help improve your cardiovascular health. Bruce Becker, M.D., states that immersing yourself in warm water to up to your neck forces your heart to work hard, giving it a healthy workout. This increases the cardiac volume in your body.

    Even further, spas can also help you lower your blood pressure. Sitting in a spa bath lowers your blood pressure while also increasing your heart rate. Spending time soaking in a spa is great for those at risk of heart disease or who suffer from hypertension.

    Improves Sleep

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, roughly 132 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder at least once a week. A lack of sleep often has a great effect on the individual’s quality of life. They see their level of production and focus wane while their symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress rise. However, a study conducted on older female adults showed that soaking in hot water before you sleep led to more rest and deeper sleep.

    The warm water causes you to become drowsy. Consistently soaking in warm water before bed trains your body to release serotonin during that time. The heat of the water raises your body temperature, which relaxes your muscles. The decreased level of tension throughout your body leads to lower levels of stress, allowing you to get more rest.

    Helps with Mental Health

    Anxiety and stress are some of the greatest mental health conditions many people face all across the country. Many things throughout everyday life can lead to increased levels of stress. Jobs, traveling, bills, and more can affect your mental health. Increased levels of anxiety and stress cause the muscles in your body to tense up, especially those in your neck and back.

    The warm water in a spa helps loosens the knots and tightness in your muscles. The jets in spas also help massage your muscles. The heat improves blood circulation, which ensures that there is not as much lactic acid build-up.

    With your muscles not as tense, your body can relax and calm down. The jets massage your muscles and removing lactic acid helps your body release more endorphins into your body. Endorphins are the body’s feel-good chemical, which improves your mood, gives you a sense of euphoria, and naturally relieves pain.

    One of the greatest aspects of a hot tub is its ability to relax your muscles. This is essentially the thing that leads to the great benefits we discussed.

    Many homeowners throughout the country may be looking for that final piece to complete their backyard. They may already have a pool or fire feature, but they are missing one last thing – a spa! Spas pair nicely with any pool or fire feature. Not only do they do look great in your backyard, but they have countless health benefits for you and your family. Give Mid City Custom Pools a call to learn about our spa services.