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    Heat the Pool for Spring Pool Parties

    Heat the Pool for Spring Pool Parties

    The weather is continuing to warm up. Are you getting excited to enjoy your backyard swimming pool this season? If you don’t want to wait until summer, you can get started early with spring pool parties. Even if the air temperature is a little cooler than you prefer, your guests can enjoy swimming in your heated pool.

    Is it worth spending money on a pool heater? If you want to extend the swimming season and enjoy late fall or early spring pool parties, then a pool heater is an excellent investment. Here are a few things to consider as you are deciding whether you should use a pool heater:

    Types of Pool Heaters

    Pool heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Talk to a pool installation expert, such as Mid City Custom Pools, and you can learn about the most common types of pool heaters:

    • Electric: The most common solution is to install an electric pool heating pump. When you turn it on, it’s expensive in the beginning because a lot of electricity is needed to get the water up to temperature. But once the pool reaches the desired temperature, it’s relatively cheap to maintain this temp. Just watch your utility bills, especially if you try to heat the water when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Solar: Is clean energy a priority for you? Then a solar water heating unit might be a good fit. The upfront costs are a little more expensive since you need to pay for the solar units and heating equipment. But the savings add up over time since you don’t need to worry about utility costs in the future. Solar power is an excellent solution if you have a lot of sunny days.
    • Gas: The benefit of a gas water heater is that it is a fast way to heat the water. But it is an expensive method to operate over time. If you only heat the swimming pool occasionally, then a gas water heater might be an option to consider. But it’s not recommended to keep the water warm on an ongoing basis.

    Talk to a pool installation company for more information about the pros and cons of each of these heating systems.

    Spring Pool Parties: Cost Saving Tips for Heating the Pool

    Regardless of the type of pool heater you are using, you can follow a few tips to reduce the overall cost of heating the pool water. Here are a few steps to mind when you are preparing for spring pool parties:

    Time of Day

    Are you using a heat pump to manage water temperature? Then consider the time of day that the pump is running. Timing has an undeniable impact on efficiency. If your heat pump is connected to the filtration system, you can adjust the settings on the filtration system to manage when the heat pump runs.

    Keep in mind that heat pumps get heat from the air, so you want the pump to run when the outdoor temperature is the warmest. Set the timer to run in the middle of the day – early to late afternoon. This strategy keeps the heat pump running when you can optimize the performance as much as possible.

    Efficiency Rating

    If you are installing a new swimming pool heater, then ask about the Coefficiency of Performance (COP). This measurement calculates the energy output divided by the energy input. Invest in a higher COP rating to ensure you get the best efficiency for your equipment.

    For best results, buy the highest COP rating that fits your budget. At the same time, also make sure that the unit has a big enough capacity to meet the heating demand (based on the size of your swimming pool).

    Also, remember that outdoor temperature plays a role in pool heating efficiency. So, make sure you are buying a heater that can accommodate the anticipated cooler temperatures for fall and spring pool parties.

    Pool Covers and Blankets

    Reduce the risk of heat loss by using a good pool cover to hold the heat in. When a pool is losing heat, it happens because of evaporation from the pool’s surface. In fact, an estimated 75% of heat loss occurs due to evaporation.

    So, the key to reducing heat loss is to control the evaporative loss. One option is to use a vinyl cover that goes over the surface of the pool. Even though it’s an expensive investment to fit your pool with a good cover, the insulating benefits are worth it. Plus, a quality cover helps with other pool maintenance benefits, such as keeping debris and dirt out of the water. It is also an excellent investment for safety since the material is strong enough to bear the weight of a child.

    A cheaper option is to use a floating pool blanket. This thin vinyl sheet has tiny bubbles (similar to bubble wrap). But it isn’t as heavy-duty or secure as a nicer pool cover. In fact, a pool blanket can be a potential safety issue when young children are around since the free-floating nature allows access to the pool.

    Wind Shield

    Another consideration for planning spring pool parties is to block the wind. When the wind is blowing, it causes ripples on the water surface, which accelerates the evaporation losses.

    Not only does blocking the wind make it more comfortable to swim in cooler weather, but it also helps to reduce the heat loss from the water. Consider installing a windshield over the swimming pool area.

    Setting the Temperature

    How warm do you want to heat the pool? The warmer the water, the higher your expenses. Increasing the water temperature by one degree results in an increase of about 15 – 18% in higher operating costs. Consider reducing the temperature by a few degrees to save money. The goal is to maintain a comfortable enough temperature to enjoy spring pool parties without running up the utility bills.

    Professional Pool Services

    Do you need help with pool installation? Mid City Custom Pools is just a phone call away. Contact us to learn more about available services.