Brian Burgess

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful pool that you designed for my family and me. I am an experienced engineer with a major aircraft manufacture and as such, I understand that I can be a challenging customer for any type of builder. We received designs from five different pool companies. You provided two and they were both at the top of our list.

Our yard has a significant slope to it and this was a major issue with most of the design we received. They all utilized expensive retaining walls at either or both ends of the pool. Your plan with the raised beam wall provided the most practical solution. This edge of the pool eliminated the need for retaining walls while doubling as a bench around our new fire pit, which we were able to with the cost savings.

During the design process, you worked within our budget and made suggestions as if you were building the pool for yourself. You had so many good ideas, and many of these helped in areas where we hit our budget constraints. One example was to flagstone the top steps to prevent early fading. Not only did that save money, it provided a great accent. The culmination of these ideas resulted in a plan that left us enthusiastic as we left your office. The ability to view the pool as if it were already complete in our own backyard left a lasting impression. I remember thinking, “if our pool really looks like this, it will be an amazing site”. I almost laughed when you said “the actual pool always looks nicer”. You couldn’t have been more right.

As I mentioned, I am extremely detail oriented. However, after going through the design with you, it put my mind at ease. The careful extensive up front planning and attention to all aspects of the pool yielded a plan that simply needed to be built. I never felt like I needed a double check anything alone the way.

During construction you made a point to be on-site during the major phases (dig day, gunite, decking..). I felt like you and your company cared about us as if you were building the pool for one of your own family members. A exposed with any major construction, there are little things that tend to come up along the way. In all cases, either you or Eugene would point these out to me BEFORE I had time to notice them. Each was corrected in a manner that either matched or exceeded our expectations It was clear that you wanted us to be happy. I do want to mention the fine job that Eugene and Brandon have done. Either or both were at our house almost everyday since the job began. They were courteous and ensured the job met our expectations.

Again, I want to thank you for building my family a pool that we will enjoy for years to com. I can promise that I will recommend you and your company every opportunity that I get.