Chris Polster

When I read the one report on the site I must admit that I had a very difficult time reconciling these remarks and this experience to the one I had with Mid City Custom Pools. I too started out with a very bad experience with another pool company who became very unresponsive once a contract was signed and a deposit given. After a good bit of time of unresponsiveness from the sales person I contacted the owner who told me that my expectations of s4rivce were unrealistic and they had a contract and a deposit and it would be best if I just made friends with the fact that project was going to unfold in the matter that it was going to unfold regardless of my phone calls.

I decided that I would rather lose the deposit than enable or encourage such behavior be allowing it to go unchecked I called my bank and the contractor and dissolved the contract, and did indeed have to eat my deposit. I had decided to put the project off for a few months but a friend in the landscaping business, hearing my story, suggested I call Mid City Custom Pools just to see if there might be a way the project could get put back on track.

I met with Don Pierce who listened closely to my concerns to my very detailed story. He presented a project scenario that not only addressed all of my concerns regarding expectations of how I thought a customer paying this much money fro anything should be kept informed, his solution put me back on schedule that was going to allow me to compete my landscaping project that was on hold until after the pool job.

Timeliness is not everything though, I thought that the design I already had was a very good but Don asked if he could suggest some changed. These changes ended up turning the project from OK to stunning. Don did have to get involved once or twice through the project but was always available and responsive. The vendors or sub-contractors that worked on my project were all very skilled and respectful of my property, pets, and belongings.

After the pool was complete, a gentleman named mark gave me a “pool school” class and has been available for any questions about things I forgot during the school and has come by to check on me after his official duties were complete. I am very impressed with this service in particular. The pool I have just had completed in the house that I just had built (finished last week in April) has been the best experience I have had in the entire process regarding the total construction of this residence. I hold Don, Mid City Custom Pools, and his staff at the office in very high regard and consider myself a somewhat difficult man to please. This is why when I read these previous comments it is very difficult for me to reconcile or imagine that we had such diametrically different experiences with the same company.