Corey and Angie Meister

Amazing is the only word that comes to mind when I think about our pool project. Before contacting Mid City Custom Pools, I received bids from 3 other pool companies who submitted design that were very similar in shape and they all tried to fit a pool to companies who submitted designs that were very similar in shape and they all tried to fit a pool to the current topography of my overgrown back yard, rather than make the yard work with the pool design. It wasn’t until I met with your designer, Ross, that I truly became excited about the potential of installing a pool. Through every phase of the design, we could see Ross’ excitement and love for his work. When he submitted the design, we were blown away; the design called for leveling our yard, which prior to construction, was a conglomerate of retaining walls and different elevations. In doing so, Ross not only designed a beautiful pool that incorporated everything we asked for and more, but opened up the yard to so much more usable space. I cannot say enough about Ross!

Once we approved the design, we were anticipating a fairly lengthy construction period. Needless to say, we were wrong. The construction supervisor, Eugene, was incredible in keeping crews scheduled every day and communicating each day’s events with us. WE did not experience one day where work was not being completed, which certainly attributed to the mere 13 day build we experienced. In comparison, one of my friends had a smaller pool built, by a well known company, on a level lot that took 2 months to complete. We did not start the build until late August, but Eugene made it his mission to get the pool built in time for us enjoy it before the end of swim season.

From the design process to the completion, Mid City Custom Pools made our dream yard become reality and in return made us customers for life. To those considering a pool build; look no farther… this is the only pool company I would ever recommend.