I want to take a moment to thank you and others, for you bringing the pool to life to begin with and for overseeing it put to bed so to speak.  I have great respect for Mark, he took me through the process of having a pool and it is my understanding that he has been with you for many years.  Take a piece of advice from a former executive, “take care of him”.  He is a precious commodity in these days.

I also want you to pass this on to the contractor who poured the concrete today.  The two workers he left behind to work the concrete after it was poured, were unbelievable in their dedication to making sure the end result of their work was perfect.

They finally left about 3:30 this afternoon.  I watched as they wash down the flag stone in what I consider very cold weather.  The guy doing most of it, worked with a sponge in what I consider to be very cold water.  That to me is dedication to his job and his boss needs to be told that.