Without fail everyone we know that has built a pool in Keller has used one particular Keller pool company, and we are unsure why as we only heard horror stories in return. We undertook to do our due diligence on a builder, and after an exhaustive search, we landed on MCCP. I will note that during the bid process, MCCP was the only company that gave us their fair price at the outset. There were no games. Further, MCCP was incredibly accommodating on the start date as we cared for our elder dog and did not want any disruption to her yard while we still had her. It turns out these dealings with MCCP were reflective of our future experience as the entire build process was quick and smooth. All subcontractors were incredibly respectful and professional. Our GC was a good communicator; he even would power wash the sidewalk and street during his visits. While I cannot yet speak of the performance of the pool, I can say that MCCP provided an excellent building experience. Based on what I know at this time, I would highly recommend MCCP to our friends and family.