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    10 Exciting Swimming Pool Games to Make a Splash This Summer

    As the weather warms up, are you starting to plan your summer pool parties? Not only will the group enjoy the sunshine and water fun, but it’s also exciting to have pre-planned swimming pool games to keep everyone entertained.

    Put together a list of these swimming pool activities in advance. This way, you will always have fresh ideas – instead of trying to come up with swimming pool games on-the-spot. Plus, you can buy the necessary accessories or toys so they are ready when it’s time to play your favorite backyard pool games.

    Here are a few of the most popular pool party games to get you started:

    1. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo is one of the easiest pool games to play, especially if you don’t have any toys or accessories to use. One person is “it” – they start on one side of the pool and must keep their eyes closed during the game. After counting to 10, the person who is “it” tries to catch the other people in the pool. “It” can hear where other people are by shouting “Marco” and everyone else shouts “Polo” in reply.

    1. Sharks and Minnows

    Think of “sharks and minnows” like a game of “cops and robbers” in the water. One person starts as the shark, and the rest of the group consists of minnows. When the shark yells GO, then the minnows move across from one side of the pool to the other, and the shark is in the middle trying to catch people. If the shark tags a minnow, they become a shark. The game continues as more and more minnows become sharks, until there is only one minnow left standing at the end.

    1. Cannonball Contest

    One of the reasons why a cannonball is so much fun is because of the big splash it makes when the person hits the water. Often, a cannonball contest is judged based on the size and height of the splash. But you can also judge the contest based on the distance the person travels into the middle of the pool or any tricks they do in the air before landing the cannonball.

    1. Diving for Treasure

    Turn the swimming pool into a treasure hunt arena. Throw small toys and prizes into the water. Then, participants can dive in to retrieve the toys from the bottom of the pool. If you need large group pool games, then it’s best to coordinate this in smaller heats of competitors. The winner of each round moves on to a final round to crown the best treasure hunter at the party.

    1. Pool Noodle Jousting

    Provide knights with their swords: colorful pool noodles! Each participant must stay in a designated circle during the game. Everyone holds the pool noodle by the end (not the middle). The goal is to use the pool noodle to knock the other person off-balance so they fall or step outside the circle. The last person in the circle is declared the winner.

    1. Watermelon Push

    Did you know that watermelons float in water? To play this game, each participant is given a watermelon. They must push it in the water from one side of the pool to the other. The first one to reach the opposite side with their watermelon wins the game. To make it more interesting, set a rule that players can’t touch the bottom or sides of the pool.

    1. Floating Ring Toss

    A ring toss game is even more fun when it is in a swimming pool! You can buy a set of inflatable rings and a target. Participants can throw the rings from different places in the swimming pool. Even people who don’t want to get in the water can participate by throwing the rings from the side of the pool. Play one-on-one ring toss rounds, or divide the group into teams that are competing to win the championship round.

    1. Splash Contest

    Anything goes with a splash contest. Not only are participants trying to make the biggest splash, but there are bonus points for the duration of the splash or creativity when they are going in the water. The size of the splash is rated based on its height and footprint. Set up rounds so contestants compete against each other. The person with the biggest splash moves onto the next round, until the ultimate winner is determined.

    1. Floating Ping Pong

    Take the classic game of ping pong to another level by bringing it to the swimming pool. You can find a floating game table that has foam on the bottom and a hard top. Ping-pong balls float in the water, so there is no need to worry about losing the balls at the bottom of the swimming pool. There are many ways to play this game: following normal ping pong rules, beer pong (throwing the balls into the opponent’s cups), and more. Choose custom rules if you want to make it more unique and interesting.

    1. Atomic Whirlpool

    If you need the kids to burn off their energy, have them stand in a circle in the swimming pool. They walk along the edge of the pool for 30 seconds. Then, when the buzzer chimes, they start jogging around the pool for another 30 seconds. Finally, the last 30 seconds involve them running around the pool. The movement can create a whirlpool in the middle.


    Are these swimming pool games only for kids?

    No! Both kids and adults have fun playing swimming pool games. These family fun games can be great for people of all ages.

    Why plan outdoor pool games?

    While guests will enjoy swimming, you can make the pool party even more memorable by planning beat-the-heat games in your pool. These easy pool games are designed to get everyone to participate in the fun.

    Are You Ready to Invest in a Backyard Swimming Pool?

    If you want to enjoy these fun pool games with your friends and family, then it’s time to invest in a backyard swimming pool. Learn more about the many different styles and designs by contacting our team for a consultation: Mid City Custom Pools is always here to help.