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    What is an Infinity Pool

    If you have been dreaming about a deluxe backyard oasis, then an infinity pool might be part of your plan. Not only do you have a pool where you can relax and have fun. But this infinity design adds an extra element of beauty and luxury.

    You’ll see that there are many different styles of swimming pools that you can install. Why should you choose an infinity pool instead of some of the other designs? Keep reading to learn more about the things you need to know if you are considering an infinity swimming pool.

    Infinity Swimming Pool: Things You Need to Know

    An infinity pool is designed so that one or more of the edges look invisible. The edge blends in with the landscape and is positioned just below the water level, allowing the water to flow over the edge of the pool. It creates a seamless illusion and is quite pleasing to the eye because you don’t have stones or concrete on that side of the pool. This design feature is a great solution for people who want to enjoy a swimming pool but they don’t like the aesthetics of having a regular swimming pool.

    How should you choose between an infinity pool vs. regular pool? It all comes down to preference. The swimming experience is similar because these pools can be the same size. In fact, one or more of the sides of an infinity pool look like a regular pool. The main difference is that there is at least one edge of the infinity pool that seems to blend in with the surroundings – you don’t see a visible edge on that part of the pool.

    The most popular places to install infinity pools is when they are positioned to overlook a beautiful view. For example, an infinity above ground swimming pool looks nice in yards on a hilltop or near a body of water. This positioning makes the pool look like it is blending in with the surrounding landscape.

    Infinity Pool Cost Compared to a Regular Pool

    How much does it cost to install an infinity pool vs. a regular pool? You’ll spend a little more to install an infinity pool. But most homeowners agree that it is worth the expense because of the beauty and aesthetics that are achieved.

    These costs are higher because of the features necessary for the infinity edge. Instead of finishing all sides of the swimming pool in the same way, an infinity pool has a different design on the vanishing edge. You’ll need to have a place on the other side to catch the water that is falling, which increases the necessary square footage a bit. As a result, it can increase costs for the extra materials and space.

    Additionally, the infinity pool cost is higher because it often requires a different type of plumbing system. More intricacies are necessary since the skimmer is positioned below the water line. As a result, it takes a bit more work to move the water from the skimmer and back to the pump.

    Tips for Designing a Customized Infinity Pool

    The good news is that infinity pools can be customized in any way that you desire. If you dream it, we can build it! Often, clients come to our design meetings with pictures of swimming pools that they like. We can use these photos as design inspiration to customize your unique infinity pool.

    Here are a few elements that we will discuss during your swimming pool design consultation:

    • Shape:While many infinity pools are rectangular in shape, there are also options to design a freeform or circular pool if you desire. Also consider your desired infinity pool size when choosing the shape of the pool.
    • Edges:At least one edge will be designed as a vanishing edge, but you can choose to have two or more infinity edges if you prefer. The other edges will be more traditional with stones or concrete.
    • Location:The position of the swimming pool depends on the shape of your yard and the amount of space that is available. We’ll consider the terrain and landscaping when choosing the ideal spot for your swimming pool installation.
    • Slope:If you have a sloped lot, then it’s the perfect opportunity for an infinity pool. The vanishing edge will overlook the slope, making it more visually appealing. But it’s important to do a thorough evaluation of the site to ensure that the lot can support the pool structure and hydraulics adequately.
    • Technical:Certain functional and technical requirements must be addressed, such as the water circulation system, a catcher basin to collect water from the overflow of the infinity edge, drainage, waterproofing, filtration, and more.

    When you choose Mid City Custom Pools, our design team is here to help with every detail of your swimming pool design. We have years of experience with pool installation and offer personalized services for every customer.


    What is an infinity swimming pool?

    An infinity pool is designed with one or more sides where the water flows over the edge of the pool and into a catch basin below. This feature creates an illusion of water without a boundary.

    What is an infinity edge pool?

    An infinity edge pool is the same as an infinity pool – it’s another name for the same design. Other phrases used for this type of pool include a zero-edge pool, spillover pool, or overflow pool.

    What is the cost of an infinity pool?

    The pricing of an infinity pool installation varies greatly depending on the size of the pool, features, and the location where the pool is being placed. Typically, infinity pools cost between $55,000 – $130,000.

    Call the Infinity Pool Experts for Personalized Assistance

    Are you ready to invest in a beautiful swimming pool for your home? Our team at Mid City Custom Pools is here to help. Not only do we offer design and installation for infinity swimming pools, but we also have experience with installing many other types of swimming pools. Reach out at your convenience to schedule a consultation and learn more about available services.