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    Halloween Pool Parties: Tips for Hosting a Boo-tiful Bash by the Pool

    Halloween pool parties

    Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to close the swimming pool. In fact, fall can be a great time of year to stretch the swimming season and enjoy fun memories with your loved ones. If you are looking for a way to celebrate the month of October, then consider planning Halloween pool parties. A Halloween-themed swim is the perfect end-of-the-season bash!

    Even if it’s too cold and your guests don’t want to go in the water, Halloween pool parties can still be fun with everyone on the patio around the swimming pool.

    Here are a few fun ideas and tips to make your party festive and ensure that everyone enjoys the party:

    Halloween Lights: In and Around the Pool

    Are there LED lights in your swimming pool? Then, change the lights to holiday-themed colors! The best colors for Halloween include orange, green, and black. Or, consider adding red and yellow to create more of a fall-themed party.

    Also, look for other lights in the area so that you can switch the bulbs to themed colors. Patio lights, house lights, and other landscaping features can be Halloween-themed by changing the light bulbs to spookier colors.

    Colored Pool Water

    Did you know that you can add food coloring to pool water to make the party a little more festive? Choose the Halloween color of your choice and add a big of food coloring at a time until you reach the desired hue. Cleanup is relatively easy because the food coloring will be cleaned out automatically through the filtration system in just a few days.

    Adding Themed Décor

    Hang the Halloween décor around the swimming pool, including witch hats, banners, and spider webs. Get creative with the placement of these decorative items. For example, you might place spiderwebs on the pool backdrops to make it look like spiders are crawling out of the water.

    If you prefer a cute look instead of a spooky theme, it can be fun to place hay bales around the pool where people can sit. Also, buy some decorative pumpkins to put around the yard. Real pumpkins will also float in the water – but wash the pumpkins well and use uncarved pumpkins to avoid causing problems with water cleanliness and the filtration system.

    Dry ice or a fog machine can add a spooky touch to the pool and yard. But don’t put dry ice in the swimming pool if people are going to be in the water because it could cause serious burns and injuries. A better option is to place the dry ice in safe containers so the smoke comes out without hurting anyone.

    Floating Halloween Toys

    Look for inflatable toys that have a Halloween theme. You can find pool floats such as spiders, large snakes, ghosts, and more. These floats are fun for people to play on. Don’t forget to bring in a few plastic skeletons that can be lounging on the inner tubes!

    Another option is to buy inflatable pumpkin balls that can stay on the water’s surface for decoration. Consider using plastic jack-o-lanterns and putting candles inside so they light up while floating on the water.

    Get creative and look for ways to make custom decorations. For example, put glow sticks in surgical gloves. Blow up the gloves and tie the opening so they will float on the surface of the water. You will have glowing hands floating around the swimming pool!

    Plan Halloween-Themed Games

    Put a unique spin on some of your favorite pool games. For example, you can throw glow sticks into the bottom of the pool and have a contest for the person or team who collects the most sticks in a certain amount of time.

    Or, plan a relay race that involves different Halloween decorations. After swimming the length of the pool, the relay participant needs to pass an inflatable pumpkin to the next team member so they can take over the next leg of the relay.

    Scavenger hunts can be a lot of fun, especially when you add a pirate theme to find the sunken treasure. Place clues around the yard and have the kids work their way from one clue to the next until they find the hidden treasure chest.

    Turn Up the Pool Heater

    If you think some people will want to go in the water, then turn up the pool heater so the water is comfortable. Ideally, you should increase the water temperature a few days before your Halloween pool parties. Then, the water will be ready when you uncover the pool, and everyone jumps in.

    A pool water heater is an excellent way to extend the season and swim a little longer. With the right system, you can keep the water warm and manage your utility bills at the same time.

    Music on the Yard Speakers

    A bit of music helps to set the overall tone you want to create for your pool party. Look for fun Halloween songs that match your party theme. You can also find spooky soundtracks on music streaming platforms if you want to make it a little scarier.

    If you have built-in speakers, play the music through the sound system. Otherwise, bring in a large speaker and set it up near the swimming pool.

    One option to take the music to the next level is inviting pool party guests to sing karaoke!

    Costume Party

    Do you want everyone to show up in costumes? Then be clear about the costumes in the invitation. Make sure to communicate that your Halloween pool parties include costumes.

    Guests can arrive in their costumes and play fun games while dressed up. Then, they can change into their swimsuits when they are ready to get in the water.

    You might take your party to the next level by choosing a theme. Possible party themes include:

    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Zombies
    • 70s disco
    • Black and white
    • Red carpet
    • Country & wild west
    • Glow in the dark
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Harry Potter

    Or, consider inviting people to show up in a water-themed costume that they can swim in.

    Installing Your Custom Swimming Pool

    If you want to enjoy a backyard swimming pool for future Halloween parties, reach out to our team to learn more about pool installation services. Even though you won’t have a pool in time for the 2023 celebrations, planning a swimming pool installation gives you something to look forward to for future Halloween pool parties.

    For more information about pool installation, contact Mid City Custom Pools to schedule a consultation.