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    Important Pool Cleaning Tools

    All Pool Owners Should Have the Appropriate Cleaning Tools on Hand

    Owning a pool can be one of the greatest investments you can ever make. It gives you a fun and easy way to stay active, keep the kids busy, and escape the heat during summer. However, you can’t just build a pool and expect things to stay great. Like with most things, pools do have a tendency to get dirty, leading to issues and some dangers. Having the essential pool cleaning tools on hand can save you from spending more money in the future.

    Before you run off to buy any equipment, you should first learn what you really need to ensure your pool stay in great shape. You want to buy the right tools. We at Mid City Custom Pools are here to help you learn what tools are necessary to keep your pool clean.

    Water Test Strips

    One of the most important aspects of your pool that must be consistently taken care is your pool’s chemistry. Regular testing allows you to know when your pool needs chemicals added to prevent bacteria and algae growth. Always have test strips stocked up so you can consistently test your pool’s chemistry. These will test chlorine, calcium hardness, alkalinity, and pH levels. All you need to do is dip the strip in the water for a few seconds then compare it to a color graduation scale to find out what your pool needs. Do this at least once a week but also take a sample of your pool water to your local pool store for professional testing every month.

    Telescoping Pole

    While the name may make you think of looking into space, its name simply refers to its ability to extend out like a telescope. This is important to have as it allows you to reach the deepest parts of your pool without putting much strain on yourself. They often come with interchangeable heads to allow you the option for different tasks. Some of the heads include:

    • Skimmers: This is simply just a large net that is used to remove any floating leaves or debris. This should be used before each swim.
    • Pool Brush: Algae and other gross films tend to build up at the bottom of your pool and along its pool walls. Attaching a brush to the end of your pole can help you reach all these areas and better clean your pool.
    • Pumice Stone: Pumice is a light and porous lava stone that can be rubbed on any localized stain on concrete pools, removing the stain.


    There are two types of vacuums that all pool owners should own: manual and automatic. A manual pool vacuum can be attached to your telescoping pole and used after you have brushed away algae and other substance, so you can remove it. This vacuum allows you to hit every spot you see. For an automatic cleaner, you can save a lot of time and effort by using this to clean your pool, especially when you aren’t home. While it can miss some spots, it is still great at cleaning your pool. Both of these vacuums do require you to own a vacuum hose.

    Pool Shock

    Your pool collects a great deal of human skin cells, oil, and a plethora of other nasty microbes, even with the help of your pool chemicals. Pool shock is used when your sanitizer levels are too low, so the shock helps raise them back up, killing any other germs, bacteria, and more in the process. You should also shock your pool after any major changes in water level.

    Owning a pool can be an incredibly exciting prospect for many homeowners. However, some don’t always understand the work that must go into your pool to ensure that it is clean and safe to swim in. Having important pool cleaning tools can help you better enjoy your pool and prolong the time you can use your pool. The pool experts at Mid City Custom Pools have all the knowledge needed to best clean your pool.