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    The Importance of Maintaining Your Pool Chemistry

    Balancing Your Pool Chemistry Saves You Time and Money

    We are midway through the spring season which means summer is fast approaching. Nothing tops spending the hot summer days out by the pool. Whether you want to wade in the pool, lie out, or throw a pool party, they all require your pool to be properly maintained. Owning a pool is a big responsibility that requires some work. One aspect of owning a pool that should never be overlooked is maintaining your pool chemistry. To maintain this chemistry, you must ensure that your pool has the correct pH balance. Making sure that your pool’s water is a healthy pH can go a long way in ensuring the safety and health of both your pool and family.

    What is pH?

    pH, or the potential of hydrogen, measures the acidity or basicity of any liquid. The pH scale ranges from 0-14. Anything less than 7 is considered an acidic solution while everything above 7 is considered a basic solution. Humans naturally sit around 7 which is considered neutral, the same as pure water. Making sure that your pool water is perfectly balanced allows for you and your loved ones to safely enjoy the benefits your pool offers.

    Your pH levels should sit typically around 7.4 to 7.6. pH is difficult to maintain on its own, so you have to also utilize two other factors to stabilize it: alkalinity and calcium hardness.

    • Alkalinity: Alkalinity can be seen as a pH buffer, preventing the pH level to drastically move up or down. It absorbs any major changes to the water like rain, swimmers, or any other substance that enters the pool before they can affect the pH. The proper level for alkalinity should be 100 to 150 ppm (parts per million.)
    • Calcium Hardness: Calcium hardness plays a much different role than alkalinity. Your water needs calcium, and when it does not have enough of it, it will need to take it away from other things. This may be from the plaster used in the pool or even from the people swimming in it. Adding calcium hardness protects your pool, its equipment, and the swimmers in the long run.
      • Note: If needed, you should only add calcium hardness at the beginning of each season.

    It can seem like there is a lot that goes into keeping your pH levels even, but as long as you keep a careful eye on them consistently, you will not have to do much work. There are home test kits and strips that you can use to keep an eye on your pool. For equipment to balance your water, contact your Trophy Club pool builders at Mid City Custom Pools.

    Why It’s Important

    Maintaining proper chemical levels in your pool is vital, not just for the swimmer’s safety but also for the overall health of the pool. To get your pool to have that crystal-clear look, you will need to have it properly balanced. Simply skimming and cleaning the pool with vacuums and brushes can’t give it that look. The clearness of your water is directly linked to your pH balance. Here are a few reasons why your pool chemistry is so important:

    • Kills Germs and Bacteria: The preferred pH level for most pools should sit around 7.4 to 7.6 which is essentially the same pH level as the human eye. When your pool’s levels sit here, the chemicals in the water can effectively kill off most germs and bacteria. The swimmers in your pool will be protected from potentially harmful bacteria.
    • Protects Skin: Whenever the pH levels are off, human skin can become easily irritated. If you have children and a pool, you will know that during the summer months they will spend a considerable amount of time outside in the pool. If the pool chemistry is off, and they have been exposed too long, it can be very dangerous for them.
    • Protects Pool and Pool Equipment: Unbalanced chemical levels can lead to the water corroding the lining of the pool and even accessories such as ladders and handrails. Pool equipment such as liner, pumps, and heater is also at risk. When these things begin to corrode, more debris is added to your pool.

    Many pool owners understand how much of a responsibility owning their pool really is. While most should know the importance of keeping your pool chemistry balanced, this isn’t always the case. Maintaining your pool chemistry can save you plenty of time and money in the long run. Having a properly balanced chemistry protects both the swimmers in the pool as well as the pool itself. It is important to use at home testing kits to make sure that your pool is properly leveled. If you have any questions about maintaining your pool or need the proper tools and substances to balance the chemistry, call your Hurst pool builders at Mid City Custom Pools for all of your pool needs.