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    How To Keep Your Pool Leaf Free This Fall

    It is Fall here in Texas, and that means cooler weather, tea by the fire, the leaves changing colors, and unfortunately, those leaves falling into your pool. Your pool is a big investment and a beautiful addition to your backyard, that means, you want to keep it that way, clean, clear, and beautiful.

    When it comes to pool maintenance in Southlake, we understand Texas can cause difficulty with its weather and quick changing of seasons. Unfortunately, pools attract all of the falling leaves during the autumn months and keeping your pool clean can require a lot of maintenance. As a pool owner, you know that keeping your pool clean is a direct determination of your pool’s health, in terms of its filters, pumps, drains, etc. So, the question is, now that it is that time of the year that the leaves are falling, how can you keep those leaves from falling into your pool?

    Use a Pool cover

    There are certain covers that are designed especially for keeping those pesky leaves out of your beautiful pool. Usually these pool covers are made out mesh or net material to catch the leaves and debris. You will need to take the leaf cover off once or twice a week and empty the leaves that have been caught and gathered onto its surface. While leaves and debris can stain a “normal” pool cover, or winter pool cover, you can even use this special leaf cover on top of those for easy cleaning.

    Address it from the source (trim your trees)

    If you have an immense amount of leaves falling into your pool, you may want to consider addressing it from the source, the trees that is. If you have trees in your backyard, and especially over your pool, you may want to consider trimming back the branches to help prevent so much leaf fall.

    Install a pool fence

    A fence is a great way to keep leaves and other debris from blowing into your pool from the fall wind. If you don’t wanting to put a pool fence directly around your pool, you may want to consider the type of fence in your backyard. If you have a solid wood fence or retaining walls, then you won’t have as much of an issue with outside debris making its way in.

    Try a Leaf Gulper or Robotic Skimmer

    There are various gadgets that are designed to help you clean your pool. Two great ones for leaves are a leaf gulper and robotic skimmer. The leaf gulper works by utilizing the power of water (you hook it up to your garden hose) and circulates and sucks the leaves into a bag. The robotic skimmer is a more expensive option but works by sending out signals to specify the location of leaves and sucks them up.

    Keeping your backyard beautiful means having a clean and clear pool. If you are interested in utilizing the cooler months to install a pool or renovate your pool, here at Mid City Custom Pools, we can help. As a highly trusted and recommended pool builder in Southlake, we want to make your backyard dreams a reality. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.