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    Why is My Pool Losing Water?

    Did you know that pools hold an average of 19,000 gallons of water? While taking care of your pool is a regular commitment, you are likely to notice if your water levels are changing. If you have gone outside each day to notice your pool looks a little bit lower, you may be feeling some concern as to why your pool is losing water.

    Water loss can be due to natural circumstances or due to a problem with the system, or due to leaks. It is normal for pools to lose a bit of water over time due to evaporation. During certain times of the year, such as during hot Texas summers, your pool will evaporate at an even faster rate. However, if your pool seems to be losing water at an abnormal rate then it is definitely something that you should look into.

    What happens when your pool is losing water?

    When your pool is losing water at a more rapid rate, your only concern is no longer just the underlying reason, but the after effects of rapid water loss. If your pool loses water too quickly, it will mess up the chemistry of your pool. This can lead to water that is not sanitary or water that is oversaturated with chlorine if you are still adding the same amount. It can also damage your skimmers as they will begin to suck in air instead of water.

    How much water should my pool be losing due to natural circumstances?

    How quickly the water in your pool evaporates is dependent upon several factors, as mentioned above, if the sun is high and the heat is strong, then your pool will lose water more quickly. Other factors can affect your pools water level such as wind, the level of activity in the pool, and how often you use the pool’s heater. To help retain your pool’s water levels you can consider using a pool cover. Without one, evaporation will cause your pool to lose about 1/4th inch of water each day or 2 inches a week.

    How do I know if it is a leak?

    If your pool has a leak, it will need to be decently severe for you to be able to notice the water level dropping and at what rate. If you are noticing that your pool is dropping more than 2 to 2.5 inches a weak, you may want to look into it a bit deeper. Remember to take note of other circumstances mentioned above such as usage, etc. There are other signs to look out for if it is, in fact, a leak, these include:

    • Loose tiles surrounding the pool’s perimeter
    • The separation between your skimmer boxes
    • Cracks in your pool’s deck
    • Damp areas around the pool that you cannot explain
    • Algae in the pool regardless of recent treatment
    • Puddling of water in the above-ground filter well

    How can I test to see if my pool has a leak?

    You can perform a test at home to try and confirm as to whether or not your pool has a leak. Do this by taking a 5-gallon bucket on the second step in your pool. Fill the bucket to meet the same water level as your pool. Give it about 24 hours, and proceed to check to see if the pool’s water level has dropped more than the water in the bucket. If it has, you likely have a leak. If signs are pointing to a leak or another problem, you will want to immediately have the pool assessed and letting these things go can cost you more money and time down the line.

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