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    Why Swimming is a Great Exercise

    Swimming is a Safe and Effective Exercise

    The summer months are a fantastic time to get in shape or maintain your health. There are countless exercises that can be utilized by individuals to get that summer body that they want and to stay healthy. While going to the gym is an incredibly popular option, it is not the only one. There are plenty of opportunities that don’t even require you to have a gym membership like yoga, running around your neighborhood, and even swimming. Swimming is much more than a fun way to beat the heat. However, many people do not realize that swimming is a great exercise. It has countless benefits.


    While many exercises like running and weight training all have their own benefits, swimming offers you an advantage most workouts do not. Swimming is extremely low-impact on your body’s joints. Running especially can be harmful to your joints, forcing all of your body weight to put stress on your leg’s joints. Your body becomes much lighter when submerged underweight, helping to minimize the weight your body must carry.

    Full Body Workout

    Many people view swimming as simply a really good cardio workout. However, what most people are not aware of is that swimming involves your entire body. Water is denser than air which makes it much harder for you to move your body through it. This means that swimming is a form of resistance training, which is the best way to build muscle tone and strength. The results from swimming are the same as light weight training.

    Great Aerobic Exercise

    Swimming requires the use of large muscles groups in both your legs and arms. Your body is forced to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body. This helps increase your endurance as well as improving your lungs. There have been studies that have shown a link between swimmers and better lung capacity. The healthier your lungs are, the better they can process oxygen, allowing your body to feel less out of breath and fatigued.

    Burns Calories

    When people hear the term “low-impact”, they often assume that this means that the workout is not intense enough to lose weight. However, a low-impact workout simply refers to the damage your joints take. While swimming is easier on your joints, it can be just as intense as other workouts. In fact, swimming has been known to burn at least 500 calories an hour. Many people use swimming as a safer alternative for cardio, and it is just as effective, but it can also work as someone’s go to exercise.

    Safe for Pregnant Women

    There are plenty of women out there who want to continue to be active while they are pregnant, but the options for them are limited. Swimming offers these women a safe opportunity that allows them to remain active and improve their health. It helps strengthen the heart, making it more efficiently pump blood to the mother and the baby. Circulation throughout the body is boosted as well as oxygen levels in your blood. The water also allows the mother to protect her joints and ligaments and counteracts any back strain the mother may experience.

    Many people simply view swimming as a fun way to avoid the heat during the summer. However, it has been proven to be one of the greatest forms of exercise available. Since it is low-impact and risk-free for pregnant women, it is known to be safe. It is a full body workout that burns plenty of calories and improves your lung capacity, proving its effectiveness. If you are in need of adding a pool to your home to give yourself a chance to exercise, contact the expert pool builders at Mid City Custom Pools.