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    Tips for Hosting a Holiday-Themed Pool Party

    Tips for Hosting a Holiday-Themed Pool Party

    When you are hosting friends and family for the holiday season, have you thought about holding the party outside by the swimming pool? A heated pool is a fun way to add variety to the holiday celebrations! Or, if people don’t want to swim, you can still have a fun holiday-themed pool party with activities happening on the patio and near the pool.

    Here are a few tips for throwing the best holiday-themed pool party that everyone will remember for years:

    Safety is Always a Priority

    No matter the age of your party attendees, take extra measures to ensure safety at all times. Safety practices help everyone enjoy the celebrations without unexpected accidents.

    If children are invited to the party, then make sure that adult supervision is always present while the kids are swimming. Provide plenty of flotation devices, especially for younger children. Having life jackets, inflatable toys, and other safety items on hand can help the kids have fun and the parents will have peace of mind.

    Also, make sure to have safety equipment nearby in case it is needed. Examples include a life preserver, first aid kit, and telephone in case emergency services need to be called.

    When alcohol is being consumed by adults, keep the drinks away from the pool. Also, keep people out of the water if they are too inebriated.

    Clean the Pool and Surrounding Areas

    Make sure the water is sparkling clean and all of the chemicals are balanced to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Plus, a clean pool looks great!

    At the same time, also take time to clean the patios and walkways around the pool. You want to create an environment where everyone can relax and have fun without worrying about the potential health problems in a dirty place.

    Keeping Guests Warm

    Since the temperatures are lower this time of year, there are a few things that you can do to help guests feel warm and comfortable. Turn up the pool heater a day or two before the party so the water is comfortable and inviting for the people who want to swim.

    Consider adding a few patio heaters so that guests can stand nearby if they are feeling cold. Also, provide extra towels, blankets, and other items.

    Serving warm drinks can be another way to keep everyone warm. Use a thermos or outdoor cooking facilities to make hot drinks available at any time, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and/or holiday cider.

    Festive Food Selections

    You can plan the meal, or invite guests to bring a dish to share. Holiday-themed pool parties always include delicious food! Themed desserts might include cake, pies, and cookies with red and green icing as well as fun holiday designs.

    At an adult party, people will be happy to see holiday-themed drinks. Serve cocktails in holiday glasses, with plenty of drink options at a help-yourself-bar.

    Fun Holiday Decorations

    There are many ways that you can add a bit of holiday décor to the swimming pool area. String lights around the fences and roof edges. Place wreaths on the doors. Put poinsettias around the patio and pool area.

    You can even put decorations in the swimming pool by choosing holiday-themed inflatables: snowmen, Santa, and reindeer.

    Consider choosing a theme for the holiday party. You can invite people to dress in red and green, or set a white theme and decorate with snowflakes and inflatable snowmen.

    Christmas Games – In and Out of the Pool

    How can you adjust swimming pool games for the season? For example, if kids are diving to collect swimming toys from the bottom of the pool, choose items that are red and green. Or, you might find a beach ball with snowflakes and play a keep-away game.

    Another option is to plan a gift exchange. A white elephant game can be fun with people bringing funny or unusual gifts.

    Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

    Since people won’t be swimming as much due to the colder temperatures, prepare for the party by placing plenty of outdoor furniture around the swimming pool. You can bring in nice seating sets, or keep it simple with basic chairs and side tables where people can place their drinks and plates.

    The goal is to make guests feel as comfortable as possible, because then they will stay longer at the party.

    Consider Outdoor Lighting

    Many pools have built-in lighting, including overhead lights in the patio area. But if the party will be extended into the evening hours, you might want to bring in additional lighting. Put lanterns around the swimming pool to make sure everything is well-lit. Not only does lighting improve the ambiance, but it is also important for pool safety when people are swimming.

    Strings of lights are beautiful and make the experience even more special. You can hang regular Christmas lights. Or, choose outdoor strings of lights that can be used all year long.

    You can add a playful and more festive feel by throwing glow balls into the swimming pool. Choose red, white, and green colors for your holiday-themed pool party.

    Don’t Forget the Music

    A good party always has music playing in the background. If you don’t have a built-in audio system, then bring in a few speakers to play the music around the swimming pool.

    Set up a Christmas playlist in advance so you can hit the “play” button without worrying about DJing or managing the songs that are coming up. Consider asking guests to add their favorite holiday songs to the playlists.

    Another way you can take the party to the next level is by offering karaoke. If you don’t have a system, then look at local rental companies to use karaoke speakers and a microphone for the day.

    Enjoy the Swimming Pool Throughout the Year

    A backyard swimming pool is most often used during the hottest months of the year. But it doesn’t mean that your private pool needs to sit dormant when the weather cools down. It’s possible to plan a fun holiday-themed pool party that your friends and family will love!

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