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    The Ultimate Guide To Shocking Your Pool

    In order to preserve your pool’s beauty as well as its safety, it is important to maintain it.  Part of maintaining it means keeping the water clean, clear, and healthy and the chemicals in check. A normal addition and a very important part of pool care is occasionally shocking your swimming pool. It is a must to have the knowledge on how to do this properly in order to keep your water healthy, clear, and free from algae. While you can hire someone to do this, why not save your money by learning how to do it yourself. As a swimming pool builder in Trophy Club, take our word for it and use this guide to help you along in the process of self-shocking your pool.

    What exactly is shocking your pool?

    Shocking your pool simply put means intensively chlorinating it for an extended amount of time to make sure any bacteria or algae is evacuated.

    Why do I need to shock my pool?

    There are certain germs that can only be removed by shocking your pool. These organisms can be harmful to your pool water unless eradicated. Normal chlorine input isn’t enough to get the job done as the sun breaks down chlorine over time, swimmers bring in germs, and rain can dilute your pool water.

    When should I shock my pool?

    Many pool owners don’t shock their pools often enough. Don’t wait until your pool becomes cloudy to do this, rather shock your pool according to the following times:

    • Before you hop into your pool for the summer season
    • Before you prepare your pool for the winter season
    • After any heavy storms
    • After heavy usage and increased swimming/swimmers
    • Any time you spot algae

    How do I shock my pool?

    Follow these easy steps to shock your pool:

    #1 The first step in shocking your pool is to make sure that you are protected. Pool shock is an intense chemical and can be harmful to your skin and ruin your clothing. Make sure that you are protected by wearing gloves and protective eyewear, as well as a pair of old clothes that you don’t mind possibly ruining.

    #2 Read the instructions that came with your pool shock kit and prepare the chemicals accordingly. Some types of shock need to be prepared and dissolved in the water beforehand while others can be applied straight to the pool. Determine the size of your pool and adjust the levels of shock accordingly.

    #3 Next, you will begin to shock your pool. Follow the instructions that came with your kit to then pour the shock solution into the pool. The instructions may vary according to the type of shock you are using so just make sure to read them carefully and follow them accordingly.

    #4 The next step is simply to let it be. Make sure to identify from the instructions when the pool is safe for swimming again, as there will be an allocated amount of time. Often it is recommended to just leave the pool overnight.

    #5 After you have let your pool sit with the shock for the allocated amount of time you will need to test the pool’s chlorine levels. It is important to ensure that the levels have returned to normal before letting anyone get into the water.

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