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    6 Tips for Extending the Pool Season Through the Holidays

    pool season

    Even though “Christmas” and “pool party” aren’t often thought of in the same context, Texas weather can accommodate a more extended pool season compared to other parts of the country. So whether you are hosting family for the holidays or you want to invite friends over for a pool party, there are a few things you can do to keep your pool open a little longer this year.

    When Does Swimming Season End?

    There’s no question that you enjoy the swimming pool when the sun is out, and the summer weather is hot. It feels great to cool down in the comfort of your own swimming pool. In addition, having a private pool enables last-minute parties and relaxing weekends with the family.

    As the weather starts to cool down, you can feel that the pool season is coming to an end. Most families close the swimming pool down during the cooler months, leaving it untouched until the weather starts to warm up again.

    The truth is that it usually isn’t the cooler weather that keeps you out of the swimming pool. Most pool owners are concerned about the increased costs of maintaining a swimming pool when the weather gets colder. It can be expensive to heat a pool year-round.

    But there are a few industry tricks you can use to maintain a comfortable water temperature – giving you the option to extend the pool season a little longer. Here are a few tips to help:

    Invest in a Solar Cover

    You always cover the swimming pool between uses to minimize the debris in the water and keep unsupervised children and pets out of the water. One option is to use a dual-purpose pool cover. A solar cover not only protects the swimming pool but also adds an extra layer of insulation to prevent heat loss during the day and night.

    This concept is similar to bringing a pot of water to a boil on the stovetop. If you add a lid to the pot, it holds the heat inside so you can bring up the temperature faster. Even though you aren’t trying to bring your swimming pool water hot enough for boiling, a solar cover can help keep the heat in and minimize evaporation.

    When you are running the pool heater, you need to be sure that you are keeping the warm water inside. A solar cover can reduce heat loss by as much as 75%. So not only does your swimming pool heat up more efficiently, but it also helps you keep the water warmer longer.

    Leverage Solar Power

    Even though the phrase “solar cover” seems like it is using the sun’s power for heating, the truth is that the cover is just working as insulation over the top of the water. You can add another level of solar benefit by using the free rays of the sun to generate heat for your swimming pool.

    When you are extending the pool season, solar power gives you the option to crank up the water temperature without considering the amount you will be paying in utility costs. For example, some systems use solar panels to collect energy from the sun and generate the energy needed to heat the water.

    A cheaper option is to use a black hose system to warm the water. Darker colors absorb the light from the sun, helping to heat the water inside. There are many DIY systems that you can set up to use black hosing that uses the sun’s energy to heat the water.

    Pool Enclosure

    Some families want to enjoy the swimming pool throughout the year, regardless of outside weather conditions. One option to improve comfort is to build an enclosure around the swimming pool. This extends the pool season because you can minimize heat loss and block the cool wind blowing through the neighborhood.

    This enclosure doesn’t change the outside weather. But it gives you the feeling of having an indoor pool, without the expense of constructing a big building around the swimming pool. An enclosure is beneficial to keep your swimming pool clean while also blocking cold winds and adding an insulating layer to the pool area.

    Install a Pool Heat Pump

    When you are warming the water in your swimming pool, make sure you are using an efficient solution for heating the water. For example, a pool heat pump is more efficient than other types of heating systems.

    In fact, many pool experts agree that pool heat pumps are the most cost-effective way to install an on-demand heat source for the water. These pumps warm the water using natural heat instead of relying on electricity or gas to increase the temperature of the water.

    Because pool heat pumps are more efficient, you can keep the water warmer without worrying about the utility bills. This option allows you to lengthen the pool season and manage your budget at the same time. It costs about 1/3 the cost to run a pool heat pump compared to other heating solutions.

    Use an Automatic Timer

    If you often forget to adjust the pool’s water temperature after swimming, an automatic timer is one solution that can help with energy preservation. This system connects with the pool heater, giving you the option to set a time limit instead of leaving the pool heater running indefinitely.

    As a result, you don’t have to walk between the house and the swimming pool to turn the pool heater on and off. Modern automatic systems enable you to control the temperature and heating elements using a smart device, as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection in the pool area.

    Protecting Your Swimming Pool Throughout the Year

    Not only can you enjoy more months of swimming, but these tips are also essential to protect against freezing damage. If the water freezes, you will have expensive repairs for the water pump, heating system, broken pipes, and even cracked materials around the swimming pool.

    Freeze prevention is a high priority to keep your swimming pool in optimal condition and help you avoid costly renovations and repair services in the spring.

    If you want to enjoy a private swimming pool in your backyard, then our team is here to help. Contact Mid City Custom Pools to learn more about available services.