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    Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems

    Having a pool has numerous benefits. It brings you and your family entertainment, relaxation, a place to exercise, and it’s a huge aesthetic and investment value to your home. Although there are so many wonderful things about having a pool, that doesn’t change the fact that they require a lot of maintenance and sometimes things go wrong. A common issue pool owners face is a problem with their swimming pool heater. With winter in full effect, the last thing anyone wants to be told is their pool heater is broken. All hope isn’t lost! Here are some of the common causes of pool heater problems.

    #1 Your pool heater isn’t turning on

    If your pool heater simply won’t turn on at all, this may mean you have a clogged filter. Keeping your filters clean is vital for the proper functioning parts of your pool. If the filter becomes too dirty, corroded, or clogged it can cause the heater to go off. If your pool heater is older, you may also be having an issue due to corrosion. Luckily pool heaters nowadays have decent on board diagnostics and will give you an error code if there is a problem. At this point, it’s best to use the manual that came with your pool heater to decipher what the issue is.

    #2 Your pool heater isn’t heating your pool properly

    One of the common issues that pool owners notice with their pool heater is it isn’t heating the pool like it used to. This can be something small and fixable, such as the thermostat being set too low, or your pool heater is too small to heat your pool. However, another possible cause can be a faulty high limit switch which could be shutting the pool heater off or the heater is overheating as a result of improper exhaust out of the top of the heater.

    #3 Your pool heater is making odd noises

    If you hear odd noises such as whistling, clicking, or grinding noises there could be a variety of things going on. If you hear clicking from your pool heater it could be an issue with a gas valve. If you hear whistling, it could also be related to gas pressure or a result of partially clogged burner orifices. If you hear grinding noises, the first place you should check is your pool’s filter. If a clogged filter isn’t the issue, then the next common cause of a pool heater making strange noises is that of a fault pressure switch. Your best option is to contact a professional so that they can diagnose the issue properly and fix it.

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