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    How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

    Inground Pool Costs Varies on Location

    For many homeowners, the prospect of owning an inground pool can be an attractive concept. If the owners have kids, it can mean a new way to entertain them during the summer months. All Texans know how hot summer time can be so a pool can also help beat the heat. Pools can be a great addition to one’s backyard aesthetic.

    Regardless of the reason, installing a pool is no easy decision, and it is far from an easy process. Outside of the long and arduous process of actually building the pool, the cost to install an inground pool can also be a factor. Many homeowners should be very aware of the costs of installing a pool before they decide to pull the trigger on getting one.


    There are traditionally two types of pools that people choose between: above-ground or inground pools. Inground pools are the more popular choice due to how easy they blend into the backyard and how long they last compared to their above-ground counterparts. Above-ground pools can often ruin the yard as well so many tend to stick with inground.

    The cost of an inground pool typically varies depending on the location of the home and the materials used to create it. Also, inground pools prices will automatically increase compared to above-ground pools due to the fact that the site needs to be excavated and the materials and man-hours needed to install it are higher.

    Usually, there are two factors to consider when beginning your quest to build an inground pool: the initial purchase price and the future costs of being a pool owner. Once you have prepared yourself for the eventual payments, it is time to meet with a Hurst pool builder.

    Average Dallas Area Pricing

    Typically, inground pools are either made from vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete and gunite. Each of these ranges in price. According to reports, the average price for an inground pool across the United States sits around $44,575. However, these prices do vary from location to location.

    In the Dallas area, however, the price for installation of inground pools ranges from a little over $7,000 to almost $13,000, with an average of $8,000. The highs can range to $20,000 and beyond.

    The size of your pool, where it is located, and any additional features will all affect its final price. Many people stay around the size of 32’x16’ pool, but the size should depend on the space available as well as the intent of use.

    Additional Costs

     While the installation of a pool can be pricey on its own, there are materials and labor that have to also be taken into account as well. Both factors should be included in the estimate your pool builder provides, but it is never a bad idea to have an idea of what you are paying for prior. Here is a list of items that all new pools should need:

    • Pool Pump: Keeps your pool clean by managing your pool’s filtration system.
    • Pool Heater: Not every pool will need a pool heater, but if you do include one, the number of days you can use your pool outside of summer drastically increase.
    • Pool Cover: This is necessary to ensure the long-term use of your pool by keeping outside debris out of the water.

    Labor costs should also be taken into account as well. These will likely be determined by the builder’s experience and the type of pool you want. To build an inground pool, a lot of prep and organization is required along with the intense work done. However, general labor costs should not exceed over $3,500, according to Improvenent.

    Building an inground pool is a large commitment. Not only are they permanent, but they can be cost effective at initial purchase as well as future maintenance costs. It is important as a potential new pool owner to be aware of costs prior to building. Be specific about the type, size, and location of your pool so that your DFW pool builder can give you the most accurate estimate. Contact Mid City Custom Pools today to get your estimate to build your dream pool.