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    How to Maintain Your Outdoor Patio Furniture?

    A backyard is an all-year-round staple, but especially in the summer. You’ve put a lot of time, thought, effort, and money into your backyard and its various aesthetic. That means taking care of it and keeping that aesthetics intact. An important aspect is probably your outdoor patio furniture. It’s great to have nice patio furniture, but the problem is keeping it looking fresh and new when it must endure intense weather conditions. Although outdoor furniture is made to withstand most weather elements to an extent, it is still best to try and maintain its quality by implementing proper care techniques to keep that furniture looking great. Taking the time, money, and effort to maintain your patio furniture now will end up saving you more in the future by not replacing it.

    #1 Store it

    If your outdoor furniture has cushions and you aren’t using the furniture every day, you may want to consider storing the cushions in a cool, dry, and a shaded area while they are not in use. This can extend the life of your cushions immensely. The direct sunlight can cause fabric to fade while rain can cause it to mildew. By helping your cushions avoid these weather elements you will keep them looking new and in great shape for a much longer time. If you have patio furniture at a holiday house, and you don’t plan on using it for a season, you may even want to consider storing the furniture itself alongside the cushions.

    #2 Wash it or wipe it

    Maintaining your patio furniture means keeping it clean, as letting dirt and grim and build upon it can cause permanent damage and greatly shorten the life of it. You should regularly dust and wipe your furniture down with the appropriate cleaner based on the material of your set. When it comes to your cushions, your best option is to purchase easily-removable covers so that you can just pop them off and into the washing machine for an easy clean up.

    #3 Cover it

    Weatherproof covers will help to protect your outdoor furniture from: dirt, grime, dust, moisture, bugs, the harsh sun and other various weather elements.  You may not necessarily want to cover your furniture every time you aren’t using it, but if you plan on not using it for weeks at a time, you may want to consider it.

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