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    Is your pool ready for the summer? 

    It’s everybody’s favorite time of year again. If you have experienced a summer here in Texas, then you know that means BBQ’s, backyard parties, and a lot of time spent in the pool trying to cope with the intense heat. With the change of seasons, it is always important to make sure you prepare your pool for the weather conditions. Your swimming pool is an investment, so of course, you want to make sure you are doing your best when it comes to properly taking care of it. Let’s discuss a few ways to ensure that your pool is ready for the summer.

    Step #1 Make sure you have all the necessary supplies

    Before preparing your pool for the summer, you will want to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies. These generally include:

    • The necessary chemicals (chlorine, pH alkalinity, chlorine stabilizer, shock)
    • Testing kit or test strips
    • Telescopic pole
    • Skimmer head
    • Vacuum hose
    • Vacuum head
    • A pool brush
    Step #2 Clean it up

    Before taking off your pool cover, it is best to make sure that the surrounding area is clean so you don’t create even more of a mess for yourself. Use a leaf blower or rake to clear the deck and surrounding pool area, and make sure you get all the dirt and debris off the pool cover itself. You will also want the pool cover to be clean before storing it. During this cleanup time, you will also want to go ahead and clean out your baskets and filtration system.

    Step #3 Start your filter and pump

    Go ahead and get your filter and pump running. You may be surprised to find that your pool has slightly changed colors during the winter and spring months. It could appear cloudy or different colors of green; you must be prepared for the possibility that it won’t appear the way you left it. Keep your filter and pump running until the pool is back to crystal clear. After you have gotten your pool back to normal, you can run your filter system for about half of the day (10 – 12 hours).

    Step #4 Check your water levels and balance your chemicals

    If your pool has lost some of its water levels during the winter and spring months, you will want to refill. Next, you will want to use your test strips to check the chemical levels of your pool. You could either have a professional come do it, or you can take a sample of your pool water to a nearby pool supply store. When checking your pool’s levels, you will want to be sure to analyze the total and free chlorine (or sanitizer that you use), the pH and alkalinity, the calcium hardness, and the cyanuric acid or chlorine stabilizer.

    Step #5 You may need to shock the pool

    If you’d like to ensure your chlorine levels are good and your bacteria levels are low, you may want to consider shocking your pool as this helps raise chlorine levels and kill any remaining bacteria or old chlorine. Lastly, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool! If you have more questions about getting your swimming pool ready for the summer, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mid City Custom Pools.