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    Safe Pool Games for Kids

    The Pool Provides Plenty of Fun Water Games

    Summer not only means longer and warmer days, but it also means that children are out on summer vacation. Chances are they have plenty of free time. Pools are great sources of entertainment keep your child entertained for hours on end. Regardless if it is your pool, a friend’s pool, or even a community pool, swimming is a great activity for everyone and a healthy exercise. To add to the fun, there is a plethora of fun and safe pool games for your kids to play.

    As long as you follow the right tips to stay safe at the pool this summer, these games will be sure to keep you and your children busy this summer.

    Marco Polo

    This one is a classic all of us have played at least once. It requires no extra purchases and just needs a group of kids. While Marco Polo was the first European explorer to reach China, here, his namesake is the king of the pool. One player is it, closes their eyes, and shouts “Marco.” The rest of the players respond with “Polo” while the person it tries to tag the other players just by following their voices and the sounds of the water.

    To make this game more fun, change up the rules! Have the player who is it say an animal’s name like “Cow”, while the rest of the players respond with the sound the animal makes, “Moo.” This is a fun and exciting twist to an already popular game.

    Sharks and Minnows

    Sharks and Minnows is another popular pool game that has been around for years. One child is the shark and stays in the middle of the pool. The rest of the players are minnows and have to try to get past the shark to the other end of the pool. Once a player is tagged, they are officially out, and the game continues until there is one player left.

    Chicken Fights

    This is a game that is best played with older kids who can handle the weight of another person on their shoulders without getting hurt. However, this is also a fun game parents can play with their children as well! It involves two players holding up another player on their shoulders, making them a team. The point is to push the other team over into the water. This game is much safer to play in the water than on the ground. Just make sure no one gets too rough, or it will ruin the fun.

    Pool Scrabble

    Pool Scrabble is a game that not only involves swimming but also allows children to still learn and give their brain a workout! Simply get a wide array of sponges, and write the letters and their values on each with a permanent marker. Then throw them into the pool and give the kids a short time to jump in and collect as many as possible.

    Once the time is up, have everyone get together and spell their words. It is best to have someone appointed as the scorekeeper to make sure they are keeping up with who is winning!

    Air Ball

    This is an extremely easy, safe, and active game. All you need is one beach ball and a group of kids, and you’re ready to go. The main goal of the game is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible without letting it hit the water. You can either keep a tally of how many hits were made before the ball hit the water or play an elimination version, eliminating the person the ball landed closest to, depending which one the children prefer!

    Kids tend to have plenty of free time during the summer, and they often don’t always have too much to do. Having a pool is a great way to keep your child busy and active during these warmer months. However, it’s important to remember to always have supervision for children while they are in a pool. If you are interested in building a pool of your own, it’s not too late. Contact Mid City Custom Pools to get started.