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    Surprising health benefits of swimming!

    It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t love taking a dip in the swimming pool… but what else do we love about swimming other than actually swimming? We love the fact that swimming actually offers a lot of health benefits other than feeling great and having a good time. Most of us have heard how swimming as exercise is one of the best things you can do… Not only does it work most all of the muscles in your body, combining cardio as well as toning your muscles, but it doesn’t have the negative toll on your joints and tendons like exercising on land can. Another benefit of swimming is that there’s no need for any extra equipment, all you need is you and your pool. But swimming has even more advantages than that, so let’s go over some of the cool pool facts that can improve your well-being… and after reading this, you’ll probably be calling for a local pool builder in Colleyville!

    Swimming can help you build up bone mass

    Many people thought for a long time that only weight-lifting exercises helped you build up bone mass, but not so long ago, research found that swimming has benefits in both BMD and femoral bone weight.

    Swimming can help you increase and maintain flexibility

    When you’re swimming, your body moves in various out-reaching positions that help stretch out your muscles in ways that we may not normally encounter in the day-to-day land exercise. From your ankles to your shoulders, swimming through water applies the right amount of pressure and requires the right amount of movement to help you maintain healthy flexibility.

    Swimming can help reduce inflammation

    As most cardiovascular exercises benefit in strengthening your heart, it is also apparent that swimming falls into this category. But, research also indicates that swimming, and other aerobic activities, can help in the reduction of inflammation that potentially can lead to atherosclerosis buildup in the heart.

    Swimming can help improve exercise-induced asthma

    Unfortunately, many people experience exercise-induced asthma, which can really put a strain on their exercising routines. It’s uncomfortable and a little bit scary to struggle for adequate oxygen while working out. Because swimming allows for the breathing of moist air during the exercising, it can help with asthma symptoms as well as actually improve overall lung health.

    Swimming can help lower stress and depression

    Most people know that pretty much all forms of exercise are widely shown to aid the improvement of stress and depression levels, as swimming also falls into this category, it can help with these problems in even more ways than typical land exercises. With the stretching, the movement, the rhythmic breathing, and the meditative atmosphere of being engulfed in a body of water, swimming adds even more beneficial qualities to the relief of stress and depression.

    It’s safe to say, that with all these amazing health benefits that comes in addition to the joy and fun of swimming, having a pool is a highly valuable asset. If you’re ready to jump in, you may be looking for a swimming pool builder in Southlake. Here at Mid City Custom Pools, our team of experts is excited and ready to help you design and build the swimming pool of your dreams. Contact us today, and let’s get started!