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    The Benefits of an Indoor Pool

    Indoor Pools Can Be Used Year-Round

    Winter is already here. While this does mean that we are just a few weeks away from holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it does mean that you’ve probably shut down your pool for the winter. However, you only need to shut down your pool for the fall and winter if you have an outdoor pool. If you have an indoor pool, you won’t have to go through that process.

    We understand how deflating and time-consuming shutting your pool down can be. After all, it means that you can no longer take advantage of one of your home’s best amenities. However, not everyone has an outdoor pool. While they are more commonly found in public spaces, such as hotels, gyms, and rec centers, indoor pools can also be found in private homes.

    Outside of never needing to shut your pool down for the winter, there are several other benefits of owning an indoor pool. Mid City Custom Pools is here to help you get a better understanding of just how useful indoor pools are.

    Easy Access

    As their name suggests, indoor pools are found inside your home. Typically, the space an indoor pool inhabits is connected to your home, which means you can simply roll out of bed and take a quick dip to start your mornings. You don’t have to go outside or make sure the weather is clear. There is much less distance for you to travel to enjoy your aquatic oasis. You won’t have to go to and from your home to use the bathroom or get new towels since you’d still be in your home!

    Year-Round Swimming

    As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest issues with owning an outside pool is that you have to shut it down when the weather gets colder. If not, the water can freeze and destroy the plumbing in your pool. However, if you have an indoor pool, you no longer have to worry about doing any of that!

    Pool heaters can be installed in outdoor swimming pools, but this only extends how long you can use them by a couple of weeks. However, virtually all indoor pools are fitted with heaters. The water in outdoor pools is often heated by the sun. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for indoor pools, so they have to be fitted with a heater. This does allow you to use it year-round, though.

    You also don’t have to worry about weather being an issue. When rainy days may have stopped you from using your outdoor pool, those days are nonfactors with an indoor pool. No matter the time of year or weather, indoor pools can always be used.

    Reduced Maintenance

    One of the greatest benefits of owning an indoor pool has to be the fact that the cost of maintenance is far less than that of outdoor pools. Outdoor pools are forced to deal with the elements while indoor pools are sheltered. There is no worry about rain or wind changing the water level. Your pool is safe from debris like dirt and leaves blowing into your pool.

    Also, you won’t have to treat your pool chemistry near as often as you would an outdoor pool. The water in indoor pools does not come into contact with near as much of the sun’s UV rays. This means that the chlorine in your pool is not broken down by UV rays like that of an outdoor pool.

    While the amount of maintenance required is far less, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any to do. Indoor dust still collects in your pool, and your pool chemistry still changes as more and more people use it. Be sure to keep a pool vacuum on hand and make sure you test your water chemistry regularly.

    Great for Exercise

    We have often spoken about how great of an exercise swimming can be. It offers you a chance to engage in a low impact exercise that helps strengthen your lung capacity and boost your cardiovascular endurance. Along with this, it also helps you build lean muscle throughout your body. With an indoor pool, you don’t have to worry about the weather or nature to get a good workout in. Your indoor pool lets you exercise whenever you want.

    Pools are also a great way to improve muscle recovery. Most indoor pools have a heater that allows you to control the temperature. The warm water of your pool allows you to relax, rest, and recover after a hard workout or stressful day. You can even include pool lights to enhance the relaxing atmosphere of your pool.

    Disadvantages of Indoor Pools

    While owning an indoor pool presents you with several benefits, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Indeed, most of the benefits do often outweigh that of the disadvantages, but Mid City Custom Pools would be remiss if we did not provide you with a list of cons. Some of these include:

    • Significantly Higher Cost: While it may seem obvious, indoor pools cost far more than outdoor ones. Not only do you have to pay for the actual construction of your pool, but you also need to pay for other additions as well. You have to build a structure onto your home, a heater, and more. These additions drastically increase the price.
    • Humidity Worries: Indoor pools often create an issue with humidity. When your pool water evaporates, it has nowhere to go. This humidity can be a danger to your home and pool structure. You must install a dehumidifier to protect your structure. You can also build an automated pool cover to keep humidity at bay.
    • Increased Electricity Cost: As we mentioned earlier, it takes a lot to keep your indoor pool running properly. These pools require heating systems, water pumps, additional light, and other devices, which all lead to much higher electricity bills.

    Indoor pools are a great alternative for homes that often have harsh, cold winters. They allow you the chance to take advantage of your pool year-round and lower the amount of maintenance required. While they are considerably more expensive, their benefits make up it. If you are interested in building an indoor pool or have more questions, contact Mid City Custom Pools.