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    The Benefits of Swimming While Pregnant

    Many pregnant women find it much more difficult to stay active while they are pregnant from when they are not. Given the various potential side effects of pregnancy, swollen feet, soreness, nausea, lethargy, cramping and mood swings, it’s no wonder staying active is a bit more difficult. However, many experts suggest that making staying active a priority can actually help with your various pregnancy side effects.

    Aerobic exercise helps benefit you and your baby by increasing blood circulation and strengthening your heart. The better your blood circulation, the more efficient your body is at boosting oxygen levels throughout your entire system. Swimming is the safest aerobic exercise you can engage in as an expectant mom and here are some of the additional benefits:

    It’s not so hot

    Summer is almost over here in Texas, but the temperatures are still high. Outdoor exercise in this heat is simply out of the question for not only expectant moms but almost everyone. There is a solution, though. Swimming in your outdoor pool in Trophy Club means keeping cool while getting in your needed 30 minutes of daily prenatal exercise. Stay cool while staying healthy.

    It is low impact and gentle

    While your body is already undergoing a lot, participating in high-impact exercise regimens can put a lot of extra strain on your body. Swimming is the safest exercise option while you are pregnant and it is low-impact and gentle on your stressed body. Give your joints a break and relieve the excess weight by trying swimming as your prenatal exercise.

    It helps relieve ankle and foot swelling

    When your body is submerged in water the fluid in your tissues that causes swelling is pushed back into your veins and filtered out of your body. This helps relieve swelling, which commonly occurs as a side effect in pregnancy. As your blood circulation will also improve from swimming, it will help keep blood from sitting in your lower limbs such as your ankles and feet.

    It helps women with blood pressure issues

    The increased blood circulation that comes from aerobic exercise such as swimming helps not only relieve swelling but also to stabilize blood pressure levels.

    It can help to reduce morning sickness symptoms

    Being submerged in cool water has been recognized to help many women with the common side effect of nausea that is experienced during pregnancy.

    It can help to ease sciatic pain

    While the pressure of gravity is lessened in the water your baby will feel weightless and you will experience less pressing down on your sciatic nerve.

    It improves and maintains your endurance during your pregnancy

    Maintaining muscle mass and endurance during your pregnancy is important as you are going to need that strength during the birthing process as well as after your baby is born.

    Staying healthy means staying active and swimming is the ultimate way to do that while you are pregnant. If are you looking for an outdoor pool builder in Trophy Club, here at Mid City Custom Pools we can help. Contact our trusted and experienced team today and let’s get started on the swimming pool of you and your family’s dreams.