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    The Importance of Investing in a Good Pool Cover

    All Pool Owners Should Invest in a Pool Cover

    When you own a swimming pool, you also own an investment. You don’t buy your pool for one-time use, especially for the money you spent to build it. You should regularly take care of it, regardless of the season. Whether that means maintaining pool chemistry, skimming your pool for floating debris, scrubbing the pool wall and floor to prevent algae buildup, or shocking it, your swimming pool requires time and effort to maintain. One of the best ways to protect and maintain your pool is with a swimming pool cover.

    Far too often, pool owners don’t invest in quality pool covers, which is an issue as it puts your pool in danger of debris and contaminants. Investing in a good pool cover helps you care for your pool, especially during an offseason. They can also provide quality support during the summer months. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to maintain and care for your pool to ensure that it is safe to swim in and functions correctly.

    Here at Mid City Custom Pools, we know how exciting it is to own a pool. It’s like having your own personal oasis in your backyard. However, that also requires you to take care of your pool. As a premier pool builder, we understand the importance of investing in a good pool cover, and we encourage all pool owners to do so.

    Keeps Out Unwanted Debris

    One of the most important aspects of a swimming pool cover is that it protects your pool. No matter the season, your pool is always in danger of being filled with unwanted debris. Water runoff from your deck and the surrounding area can carry dirt, grime, and other substances into your pool, creating an unhygienic environment. When you cover your pool, you limit the amount of water runoff and debris that makes it into your pool.

    Additionally, strong winds on stormy days can blow leaves and other large debris into it from nearby yards. In time, these leaves will waterlog and sink to the bottom of your pool. They will then breakdown and could clog your filter. In severe weather, branches and sticks can fall into your pool and cause even more damage. Whether you are shutting your pool down for the winter or want to protect your pool when it’s not in use in the summer, a pool cover can prevent unwanted debris, both big and small, from entering and endangering your pool.

    Prevents Water Loss

    Regardless of the season, your swimming pool is bound to lose water due to evaporation. During the summer months, the heat speeds up water evaporation quicker than usual. You can even lose water during the winter months when your pool isn’t in use. Evaporation is natural. However, you can reduce the level of water loss and slow evaporation by investing in a good pool cover. You can conserve water and save time with a quality pool cover.

    Reduce Algae Growth

    Algae is one of the greatest threats to your pool. Algae not only makes your swimming pool look gross, but it can also clog your filters, which leads to poor water circulation. It can also drastically impact your water chemistry. When your pool is in use and water is being circulated, algae doesn’t grow as well. However, since your pool is not in use over the fall in and winter months, algae blooms can quickly develop. It can be expensive and time-consuming to clean when you reopen your pool. When you have a pool cover, you can prevent or at least slow algae growth during the winter.

    While pools experience more swimming in the summer, bacteria and algae tend to thrive in the heat. Without a pool cover, bacteria can enter your pool at a much faster rate when more people swim in it. Pair that with the heat, and algae can bloom much quicker. Regardless of the season, a pool cover can help you reduce the level of algae growth in your swimming pool.

    Reduce Chemical Consumption

    The chemicals in your pool protect the pool system and keep swimmers safe from harmful substances like algae. However, the more contaminants and debris that enter your pool, the harder these chemicals have to work. The summer is particularly difficult for your pool chemistry, as the heat causes chlorine to evaporate much faster, increasing the demand for your chemicals. Additionally, UV rays break down the chlorine in your pool through a process called oxidation. A pool cover will reduce the amount of UV light that hits your pool, thus reducing chlorine evaporation. When you have a quality pool cover, you help prevent algae growth and debris from entering your pool, which, in turn, means the chemicals in your pool are not used up as often.

    Retains Warmth

    Another benefit of owning a pool cover is that it retains warmth. This works for both warm and cool months. In the cool months, it retains heat longer, which can extend the time you can go swimming while saving you energy from heating your pool. Additionally, you avoid water loss due to evaporation, and it helps keep your pool water from freezing.

    In the summer, it helps you save time and energy by limiting the need for heating your pool since it will retain heat. You won’t have to wait nearly as long to go swimming.

    Prevents Accidents

    Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. If people are not careful, they can accidentally walk into a pool and drown. This is especially a problem for young children who do not know how to swim. If no fences or gates are surrounding your pool, pets and other small animals can approach your pool for a drink of water, stumble in, and drown. By installing a swimming pool cover, you can prevent small animals, young children, and anyone else from accidentally falling in your pool and drowning.

    Types of Pool Covers

    There is more than one pool cover to choose from, and each has its own purposes. Some of the most common pool covers are:

    • Thermal Cover: Acts as a blanket with an insulating material that traps heat in the water. They also shield your pool from UV rays.
    • Solar Pool Cover: These are the most cost-effective option. They work similarly to thermal covers by reducing evaporation and keeping your pool warm. However, they absorb the sun rays to heat your pool.
    • Safety Pool Cover: Like all covers, these keep debris from entering your pool while blocking the sun’s rays. However, a safety cover also prevents accidents from occurring by preventing children and animals from falling in. These covers are more tightly secured to your deck than others.
    • Automatic Cover: While you have to manually place most pool covers, you can open and close an automatic pool cover with the push of a button. They are much more secure than most options and protect against more. They do cost more and need to be installed by a professional.
    • Winter Pool Cover: These are seasonal and help protect against extreme weather and debris. They are normally secured by water bags or weights, so a winter cover cannot support the weight of small animals, children, or heavy debris.

    As you can see, investing in a quality pool cover can save you time, money, and energy. Regardless of the season, a pool cover can help with your pool maintenance and protect your pool. We encourage all pool owners to invest in one. If you are not a pool owner and would like to become one, contact Mid City Custom Pools and let us change that.