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    5 Signs There is a Problem with Your Pool

    Keep An Eye Out for Any Signs of Damage

    Owning a pool is one of the most exciting things for any homeowner. Not only do swimming pools enhance the aesthetic of your yard, but they also provide a whole host of benefits, such as exercise, fun and entertainment, and a place to relax peacefully. Owning a pool is something many homeowners dream of doing.

    However, these amenities are a big commitment. Yes, there is nothing wrong with being excited about finally adding a pool to your yard. But many prospective pool owners underestimate the level of maintenance required to keep up with one. Even though this maintenance is easy to do and takes little time, many people still don’t do it.

    When you fail to clean and keep up with your pool, things can go wrong quickly. It is far cheaper to maintain one regularly than to pay for repairs. However, even if you properly keep up with your pool maintenance, things can still go wrong. Always keep an eye out for signs that there is a problem with your pool.

    Mid City Custom Pools has been providing the communities of DFW with world-class pools for decades. In that time, we have learned a host of signs that indicate something is wrong with a swimming pool. Today, we will discuss some of the signs that there is a problem with your pool.

    1.) Cracked Walls 

    Any damage to the structure of your pool means that something is most definitely wrong. These fractures can occur for a host of reasons, from poor construction to erosion and damage. Regardless, if you find any cracks along the walls of your pool or on your pool floor, something is definitely wrong.

    Often, these cracks mean that you have a water leakage somewhere in your pool. Not only is this a waste of water, but it also weakens the entire structure. On top of that, it also erodes the soil surrounding the body of your pool. When that occurs, there is a greater chance of it collapsing or caving in, which will completely ruin it. Poor structural design, subpar cement, or insufficient sealing are all potential causes.

    2.) Unclean Water

    One of the easiest signs to recognize that something is wrong with your pool is unclean water. If you regularly maintain your pool’s water chemistry, yet the water still looks cloudy, dirty, or discolored, there might be a problem with your pool.

    If the water is cloudy, that often means the pH in the water is too high. If the water is green, it indicates that green algae is growing in your pool. Foaming is also another issue that can occur, often showing up when there is a buildup of contaminants or overuse of algaecides. Regardless, these all look bad.

    If you are positive that you are properly maintaining your pool chemistry, yet the water still looks unclean, there may be an issue with your plumbing. You might have a clog in the pipework, which limits the water flow through pool filters. However, your pipes might be clear, but there may be an issue with your sand filter. It may be blocked and need cleaning or even replacing.

    Unclean water could also mean there is something wrong with your pool pump. Your pump circulates your water, which allows it to run through the filter and spread chemicals that clean your water thoroughly. When it’s broken or malfunctioning, the water remains still and uncirculated.

    Listen for strange noises from your pool filter and pump. Check to see if either one shuts down at random periods or if they fail to turn on. If you are uncertain what the issue is, contact a professional and let them help.

    3.) Scaling and Staining

    Another issue that is not quite as apparent as others is scaling. Scales on the pool surfaces and piping often indicate that there is a buildup of calcium carbonate. This buildup usually appears as a residue from precipitating pool water. Calcium carbonate remains suspended in water when your pH balance is too high. It also occurs when your calcium hardness is too high, which leads to a higher than the recommended level of calcium concentration.

    Stains are much easier to see than scales. You’re likely to find these stains on the walls and floor of your pool. When metals in the water oxidize, they precipitate out of the water and stain the walls. This oxidation occurs due to chlorination or shocking products.

    4.) Consistently Low Water Levels

    You will always need to top off the water levels in your pool. That’s just a part of being a pool owner. From evaporation to water splashing out, water levels will naturally decrease over time. However, if you need to refill it with fresh water often, there might be a problem with your pool.

    The most likely culprit is a leak. Before you do anything about a leak, you need to find it first. These leaks can come from the plumbing or cracks in the pool walls or floor. Cracks are often harder to identify than leaks in plumbing. In these instances, it’s best to reach out to a pool repair expert for further evaluation.

    5.) Broken Lights 

    You should know by now that water and electricity do not mix. These two make a dangerous combination. Adding lights to your pool creates a relaxing and creative aesthetic for your yard. However, a broken pool light can spell disaster for pool owners. Broken lights are an easy fix. All you need to do is drain the pool and turn off the electricity. If you don’t have hands-on experience or don’t trust yourself, then reach out to a professional to make sure the light is fixed safely and correctly.

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    Owning a swimming pool can be an exciting investment for any homeowner. Installing one in your yard gives you a place to relax, have fun, exercise, and so much more. However, they also require regular maintenance. If you fail to maintain your pool, many issues can emerge. Always keep an eye out for any signs that there is a problem with your pool. It gives you a chance to fix it before it’s too late.

    If you are a homeowner and are interested in building your own swimming pool, give the experienced DFW pool builders at Mid City Custom Pools a call today. We will help you design and create the pool of your dreams.