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    When is the Perfect Time to Build a Pool?

    Summer and Spring Aren’t Great Times to Build a Pool

    Owning a pool is something many homeowners all across the country strive to one day achieve. For those that do own one, they already know how wonderful this amenity can be for your home, providing you with a fun and exciting centerpiece to your backyard. Pools are perfect for hosting summer pool parties, and they also offer you a great chance to exercise. However, not many homeowners think about the process of building a pool, especially WHEN to build a pool. They almost always just imagine what life would be like once their pool is complete.

    While there isn’t inherently a bad time of year to build a pool, building one during a specific season may prove to be more beneficial to you and your family. The end of spring and the entirety of summer is the perfect time to use your pool, but it isn’t necessarily the best time to build your pool. Surprisingly to some, winter is the perfect time to begin the construction of your swimming pool.

    If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your home, the time to build it is now. Contact Mid City Custom Pools to get started on yours today.

    Why Not Summer or Spring?

    As we mentioned before, the summer and spring are traditionally the seasons when you get to use your pool the most unless you have a heated pool that allows some use during the fall. Many people think that beginning construction on your backyard oasis during the spring would be ideal since it’ll be done just in time for summer. However, that’s the issue; a lot of people think this way.

    This often leads to pool builders having extremely busy schedules, forcing them to struggle to build everyone’s pool in the desired time. Materials will often also be more expensive because of the increased supply-and-demand. Plus, you can’t forget about the rain. While we know rain can harm your pool chemistry, it can also delay the construction of your pool. Rain leads to flooding and softens the ground, which causes issues for installation. Your timeline could be pushed back by weeks.

    Building your pool during the summer may be counterintuitive. Just like in the spring, the summer is an incredibly busy time for most pool builders. Prices often tend to skyrocket, as well. If you are set on building a pool during summer, it would be best done at the end of the season when it’s less busy. Unfortunately, once it’s built, you’ll likely have to shut it down for the cooler months. You won’t be able to use your pool until the next summer season.

    Why Winter is the Best Time to Build

    As we have already stated, the spring and summer are not the ideal seasons to build your pool. Pool builders’ schedules are often far too busy to quickly build your pool by the time you want it, and the prices are often much higher. The fall is not a bad time to begin construction on your pool, but you will have to wait longer to use it just like in the summertime.

    The winter is the perfect time to buy and build a pool. There are countless reasons why this cold weather season is so ideal for you and pool builders alike. Some of these reasons include:

    Less Busy:

    We mentioned earlier how pool builders often have incredibly busy schedules over the spring and summer months. They have several pools to build in such a short period of time. However, not many people think to build a pool during the winter, so their availability is much more open, allowing them to finish your pool much quicker.

    Lower Prices:

    Retail stores aren’t the only ones who have deals during the holiday season. Because the season is much slower for builders, you have a greater chance of scoring a much cheaper deal on materials, pool construction, and labor than you would any other time of year.

    More Time for Landscaping to Take Root:

    Most people don’t think about how important landscaping around your pool is to the overall aesthetic of your backyard, but it’s a huge deal. Without it, your backyard may feel incomplete. Installation of a pool causes serious damage to your yard. Building your pool during the winter provides your yard time to re-grow the vegetation, allowing your backyard to look its best during pool weather.

    More Time for Additional Features

    Building a pool during the offseason allows you the chance to save up more money to spend on other additions to your pool. While you wait to use your pool, you can save up enough money to add a diving board, a slide, a waterfall, and much more. You can even save some money to add a fire feature or even a spa. Since you won’t be able to use your pool for a while, there is no rush.

    Easier Labor

    While this isn’t necessarily a benefit for you, building a pool over the fall and winter months is often much easier on the builders. Most of you may know that summers in Texas can be extremely brutal. They are very hot and often very humid. This can make it difficult and dangerous to work in. While the winter months can have harsh weather of their own, Texas is not known for its extremely cold temperatures. By building a pool over the winter months, you can rest assured knowing workers aren’t stuck in the heat.

    A swimming pool is one of the greatest amenities any homeowner can have. It adds a level of luxury and excitement to your home that did not exist before it. We have currently just entered the winter season, so the time to start building your luxury backyard amenity is now. Check out the upcoming 2020 pool trends before you begin planning your outdoor oasis. To start building your pool, contact Mid City Custom Pools today.